a running list of congrats.

to be edited, altered, and reposted subjective to when brands piss me off.
this list is entirely personal and is not meant to be representative of anyone other than me.

brands i'm currently loyal to (congratulations)
! verizon. thank you cellphone. i can hear you now. (and yes we do say that out loud)
! apple. you stole me away from many years of dell. thank you. i needed that.
this includes iPod, namely, the shuffle. i don't need to know what's playing--i put it on there! the shuffle with all of its whirlwind colours makes me say YES to buying three to enable matching. i can even have specialized Emo/Screamo Shuffle, HipHop/Reggaeton Shuffle, and Indie/RebelGrrrl Shuffle. i love life. PS though: HELLO SHUFFLE: PASTELS?! i would -never-. your spring colours SUCK.
! mac makeup. your colours are so bright. it's like painting. or face-staining.
! i also support urban decay, who is cheaper, and who i went to first. i still buy.
! google is my only search engine. amazon is where i buy lots of stuff online.
! saucony, etnies, & vans. my feet thank you. you are comfy.
! thus: thank you journeys and pacsun for carrying these at reasonable cost.
! pleaser & delicious. my feet don't thank you, but you make me look hella hot.
! pandora.com & itunes. i now buy music. not only that, but i hear new music and buy more.
! many online shops to help me look like a rockstar. cos that's what i am.
>> props to: reverie, i love your "stop hate love something" tee shirt.
(more advertisers need to realize this: my whole age group is composed of undiscovered rock stars who may or may not play instruments)

brands i'm more or less loyal to (try harder)
! friday's. congrats on the sesame jack chicken strips. otherwise i would have never come back.
i swear they put coke or something in them. why do i go so frequently? could be the patron lemonades the local bartender makes me. mmm.
! 2cute for outfitting me in clubwear. hot topic when they don't annoy me.
>> when hot topic does annoy me, i go for trash & vaudeville. <3
and they annoy me often but it's hard to find certain must-have items locally otherwise. just gotta weed through the trash. oh well. i say that with all the bitterness of my teen years when i'd worked there for a summer.
! pacsun, aero, & ae for my tiny tees. you're all interchangeable.
i don't really care so long as you keep making extra smalls.
! macy's for trendy, office-acceptable work clothes in junior sizes.
no, i'm not 'petite' yet, you sizing bastards. i hate you too.

brands i used to be loyal to (you suck for losing me)
! myspace and facebook. sucks to be you.
you have too many ads and try to stalk me too much. i don't want to know what my friends are doing 24/7. i doubt they want you to know, either. at least i don't. if i did, i'd call them. of all of these, myspace is the least of these evils. why? because they are good for music. i like music.
! dell. okay i was never loyal but you were useful in high school. that's not the case anymore.
! at&t. or whatever you're called now. your service sucks. get over it. i left you for your sexier cousin.

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