i liked a commercial how much?

enough to go out of my way to find it on youtube and embed it for you here, just in case you haven't already seen it.

this delivers. it's excellent. it speaks exactly to the target market in memorable and admirable way. how do i know? if i'd gone to grad school, they'd be talking to me. we are those kids who work our asses off to get the grades to get the school to get the bucks to get the (car/land/family/etc).

except for when we sit there in (insert office setting here), look at this well-worn path and say to ourselves, "whoa. where along the line did i agree to that? where did i get lost in here? what part of me is left in my own plans?"

breaking the cycle speaks to that "whoa" moment in the ambitious, determined group. i love it. if i had that kind of money, it might sell me on an audi--or at least get me interested enough to do my research. three cheers for poignant relevance.

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