lying liars and the lies they lie about

be forewarned. i have a lot to say today. at least 3 posts' worth. perhaps 4.

this is the first in an ongoing series.

subject: Target [pronunciation: tar-JAY, soft j. heh.]

scenario: Archer Farms, sub brand of Target, gets new "green" packaging (read: no plastic bag inside). it maintains freshness via the use of plastic. you can read more at the link.

the lie: eco happy-blog Sustainable is Good decided to get the down low on just how 'good' the new 'sustainable' packaging is. the company refused to comment.

prosecution: i understand the packaging is sexy. it is. i like its curves and its little spout. it's like a tea pot for my hand, only thinner. problem? sexy packaging doesn't make it green. (also, i don't shop at Target, so you're not converting me personally.)

if you aren't going to substantiate your claims, i'm going to say you're lying about them. particularly because in this kind of climate, green is in. need to sell something? say it's green. that guarantees a fan(consumer)base because of the small growth of eco-friendly products. the first green cereal? i'm in. wrong!

most green-happy folks do their research. they're more socially, economically, and culturally conscious. the heart of that target also knows where to get fair trade goods, animal-cruelty-free products, which meats are factory farmed, etc. so if you don't offer the info so they can do that research, they're not going to trust you.

and rightly so. why aren't you sharing, Target? hmm? what are you hiding behind that sexy new packaging? is that plastic biodegradable? what's really going on there? silence is suspicious.

status: saying nothing is sometimes worse than saying something.
until proven otherwise, Target is a lying liar.
(consequently, so is their sub brand, and their representation: kapow)

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