words on twitter, 2 of 2: conversations?

i am disconcerted today about twitter for a number of reasons [continued]:
1) the addition of ads conversation
2) the lack of conversation... conversation


i'm not sure about the point of twitter.
i have a much better idea on it than when i started, to be sure.
but, like other things, what i was told its about and what it is seem to differentiate, in my experience thus far. mainly in this respect:

YES, i do want to know when you update your blog about something interesting.
>> as a follower, i may want to know what you have to say in more than 140 characters.
NO, i do not want that to be your ONLY updates.
>> i can easily... subscribe to an rss feed to your blog if i like it that much.
YES, i joined to make conversation and have conversations.
>> so why do i see most people not doing this? some are, but not enough.
NO, i don't care only about your meetings/interviews.
>> those things are -sweet- to be sure. but who ARE you; do you like Lewis Black?
[i don't really find him funny. and his root of all evil show is less funny.]

what i mean to say is, your twitter is not another RSS feed for your blog. sure, that might be one of its functions. i don't begrudge that at all. but please use it somewhat socially? isn't that what this social media thing is all about... two way (or more) conversations, not mass distribution with no direction?

if you want to have a conversation, please follow/tweet me: @thegirlriot


Garret Ohm said...

I agree with you. Endless tweets with news about a new blog post are SO annoying.

the girl Riot said...

Agreed! But that's why I like playing 20 questions with you ;)

Make the logo bigger said...

Most ad people have set up two feeds so anyone can follow or not follow. I really try not to post stuff I just blogged with rare exception.