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ahhh... posting this brings me back to my middle school livejournal days.
i wonder whatever happened to those "which icon are you?" quizzes. some were hella funny. anyway, so there's the "badge of honor" and the links are here and here.

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it's times like these that i reflect on quizzes.

why do i post that? do i find it relevant or accurate to how i perceive myself? yes, actually. i'm big on creating. i hate inactivity (score of 0!) and everything else i like to take in at a balance. if i didn't find it somehow accurate, i wouldn't repost it. i suppose that's a given.

the only reason i don't outright resent that quiz for asking me about being a bride or having children is that if i click the radio button for "male" it asks me the same thing. kudos for that. extra kudos for referencing Lincoln Logs. i miss those. sad face for stereotypical questions, but i should know better than to hope.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl Riot:

Thanks for (kinda) liking the quiz. Glad you noticed the non-gender biased questions. I added the male or female question because Forrester places importance on gender's relation to technographics.

Sorry you found the questions stereotypical; they were meant to be fun and a little educational.


Chris Lynn

the girl Riot said...


i did find them fun to be sure, otherwise I wouldn't have finished the quiz or linked to it. the "usual questions" were made up for with references to Lincoln Logs and Sharks on a Submarine, heh, which were appreciated. kudos are assuredly given.

Anonymous said...

Right on :) Glad you liked!