eff you, directv.

speaking of people finding social medias irrelevant, directv is helping along the stereotype that msm is only for "tweens" and can't possibly help your company in the long run. i don't know how long this spot's been running for, but i caught it saturday afternoon.

basically, you enter in on a cable tv board room, as they discuss sales. one of the suits gets really animated and starts talking about how they'll just "get on the 'net" and "blog it up" and how now they have a XX% hike in tween approval.

the directv voiceover is one in which this is looked down on, suggesting the use of directv instead, because they 'really get you' or something. i was too cranky at that point to be able to quote like i can from the previous part.

i'm not saying directv is or is not the sort of brand that can benefit from msm, but their spot annoyed me nonetheless. i couldn't even figure out who exactly their target audience was, other than "not bloggers, not net-savvy people, not teenagers, and not-" a whole bunch of other groups.

[if you can locate the spot, send it my way. i tried.]

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