why i'm wicked awesome at advertising.

(or, in other words: why i went into it, at all, to begin with.)

1) i am notorious for trying new things--especially "new" things, things that i've tried it twice before and hated, but i don't quite remember the intensity with which i hated them... so i try again. curiosity's a bitch, eh?

2) a propensity toward new experiences along with an emotional memory like a sieve makes me a very suggestible entity. advertising is able to woo me. even when i don't want it to. i -hate- brownies (many times have i tested this). however, i have been sold brownies via commercial. it's sad. i know it.

3) so, as someone who often fits inside the target market of the new fancy it-toy, i am an advertiser's dream. give me something memorable, repeatable, funny, thought provoking, or visually delicious (ha!), and you're likely going to sell me on it, even if i actually really, really don't want it. at least i'm aware of this.

4) i don't want to buy something i don't like. i go out once to buy brownies, but i still hate them. but, it does get me, as an advertiser, to understand any position. i can think of how i might sell it to myself--and to figure out the next step: getting someone like me (suggestible but fickle) to go back that third and fourth time.

5) i am in love with words and art, and, consequently, their collision. i was supposed to go to art school; i won a lot of young artist awards and have been featured in museums. instead i went to college for english because i love language, even if it constantly shifts. then i found out i didn't like any of my internship options as an english major. so i went into advertising.

...now i'm an early-grad; english major, writing & integrated marketing communications minors with honors. i've been writing published poetry and short stories for ten years. i've been making websites by hand (i hate dreamweaver etc) and working in interactive on my own time since age thirteen.
apart from photoshop, my preferred artistic tools are horsehair brushes, watercolours, and black ink. in my free time i like to write poetry, hiphop dance, learn to tattoo, research current sociology, and cause general havoc and mayhem with my own particular flair. not that i have much free time. viva la revolucion?

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