Riot's blogects. [blog...projects? ...rite.]

i have decided to do a number of stints on my blog:

Hook, Line...:
wherein i find really crappy punctuation and grammar usage. i will write a friendly service announcement regarding why, exactly, the grammar and/or punctuation deserves a ride on the copy failboat. occasionally supplemented by excellent copy.
>> previous: Share Our Strength.

posts about how much i love your brand. why i love your brand. and how much i'm willing to talk about how much i love your brand.
>> previous: brands i love.

Moot Court:
where i bring a brand, campaign, or ad to justice based on how much they lie about who they are, what they do for you, or what exactly they're selling. it's about representation, baby.
>> previous: Target, Dove.

Yeas & Nays:
so much to read. especially on mondays. this will be my "yeas" and "nays" to news in the ad and blog worlds... and how!
>> previous: none. next post!

will be the editions. keep your eyes peeled.
all "previous" examples will not necessarily be the form each of these take in the future. since gender-centric posts and youth-injection posts make up the brunt up what i have to say anyway, these projects will be inter dispersed.

suggestions welcome.

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TheDesignDiva said...

Looking forward to commenting on your comments.