obama girl's viral is contagious. uh...

barelypolitical (2 minutes ago)
this was no PR stunt! just a viral phenomenon : )

i just observed an obama girl chat (and you can, too; there are more later this week). there is something to be said for all of this. it may not be a pr stunt, but she knows how to handle it like one:

-- she hosts youtube chats.
(that's a relevant, if unique, way to host the chat.)
-- she gives away one ipod a month.
(last months winner was "jreamer1", 16 hrs ago)
-- she barely answers any questions.
(skirting the issue: a favored past time)

in between offers of marriage, invitations to prom, questions of ethnicity, and requests to perform duets, there was some actual thinking going on...

> RobEQS (32 minutes ago)
> Maybe if you did a Rock-n-Roll video you would be able to get your message out to some other people who don't really like R&B or hip hop. Have you thought of something like that...or maybe, even, Country (God forbid).

it shows an awareness that i find amusing and intriguing, in between asking if the poster is not amber (obama girl) but actually an overweight man. people chatting kept wanting proof of it actually being her. truth? we'll never know.

but hey, at least it is far, far better than the mccain girls (don't click it. consider yourself warned.). as i said on adrants, the mccain girls give whole new meaning to no such thing as bad advertising. it is really, really bad. but we're still talking about it.

what does obama girl have to say about them? its very flattering to see all these other girls jumping on the " candidate bandwagon"! ...yeah. points for caring about the country. after mccain, i am afraid to search "hillary girl" and "giuliani girl." i leave that to you.

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