directv, revisited. now, with spot!

thanks to @funincalifweric, i have been supplied with the directv spot that i criti(cized/tiqued?) in this post on monday.

so now, for your friday viewing pleasure, a spot i hate:

but what do i love? conversations. [feed/back]
comment/tweet if you want to tell me why it doesn't suck, or, commiserate with me on its shortcomings.


raafi said...

It feels more like this spot is directed at jaded ad people than the general public... Though, on second thought, I'm sure a lot of folks in middle management who have to sit in meetings like that one are also tired of the psychobabble that they hear in meetings. Many of these people are probably also in the demo that decides what cable company their family's going to use.

gregg said...

i think you're taking the spot a bit too seriously and literally. it's just supposed to be funny and not a commentary on the effectiveness of blogging as a way to sell things.

it's for the same people who find "the office" funny, for the same reasons.

i think raafi is dead on.

the girl Riot said...

i'm saying it's a poor spot because it doesn't appeal to anyone in particular. who is it selling to?

if it's trying to appeal to "jaded ad people," it's not doing its job by selling me directv. it's only serving to annoy me with regard to the work that i do. not to mention, it was a public spot, and thus did hit the general public. however, it is likely that such 'psychobabble bores' were part of the test group that would have found it humourous.

then again, i don't find 'the office' funny ;) so who knows.