proof that higher ups need a youth injection.

dear AdAge,

it is nice of you to finally notice a viral vid just last week that has been out since i was in high school. we sang about badgers throughout spanish class and then some. it was right up there with the llama song and material like the end of the world (dang that is a pretty sweet earth--WRONG!) along with a few other savory vids from albinoblacksheep.com and -my- 'childhood.'

i would laugh outrageously if Quiznos did anything of the sort. and i know i'm taking you seriously when i hope i shouldn't be--but even if you're joking, how did you not find this until now? it's been out so long there have been spoofs on spoofs on spoofs on the Badger Mushroom video. like this stellar one with great soundtrack on Harry Potter.

here. let me help you out. maybe this might come back and haunt you as a good idea, Charlie... we've been quoting Candy Mountain for a year.

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