a-HA! no wonder i fail at internet dating

not like i was trying in the first place, since i'm in a relationship that was the product of a face-to-face encounter. and no, i'm not bashing. i'm just saying i'd be godawful at internet dating if these are the rules.

last time i checked, names like “fun2bwith” or “i’msweet” made me think a person was hella desperate and had nothing further unique about them other than "i swear i'll adjust my personality to fit yours if you'll only give me a chance."

and “cutie” or “blueeyes” makes me believe you are assuredly not. it's like those sweatpants with "cutie" on your ass. either you look good in them and are trying too hard, or you shouldn't have put them on to begin with. especially because, while i'm all for self-esteem boosting, you can't boost from your bum. or in this case, your username. at some point, the cat will get out of the bag, and i'm skeptical from the get-go.

how names like those ranked at the top of preferred username lists for 'net dating makes me sad. you would rather go on a blind date with 45 guys (or girls) called "sweet4u" or some variation than, say, something USEFUL like... "pomolover" or "kanyerocks" or, hell, anything that tells me you have an opinion on something.

Males daters said they would be less likely to contact screen names such as “wellread” or “welleducated”, although the study found women were more drawn to names that suggested men were cultured.

because somehow that does not surprise me.

and yet, while users seem to understand the nature of deceit, ie, "it seems they are well aware people embellish themselves online and it makes them suspicious," in the case of using wealthy usernames like "wealthyandwise", somehow "cutie" and "hotstuff" don't hold up to the same scrutiny?

...yeah, okay.

this is "houseofleaves" signing off.
and KUDOS if you get that reference.


& said...

POE! [& her brother the author, of course]

the girl Riot said...

hey you ;) i didn't even know you had a blogger account. schweet. and, you don't count. because of course you know. <3

& said...

yes, i do! i'm just full of surprises! i don't blog on here though, i only have an account because of gmail.

the girl Riot said...

ooh gotcha. so what would your username be? haha. or does "&" say it all?

& said...

you know it!