men... are not idiots?

AdAge gets down on those who dis dad.

and yes, i agree. my dad is awesome. and no, he does not resemble homer simpson or peter griffin. but my dad is one of my best friends, along with my mom (hi mom!).

i am not refuting the fact that "Bashing Fathers and Husbands Isn't the Right Way for Marketers to Sell Products" but there has been women (mother/girlfriend/wife/etc) bashing for WAY longer.

[and you, AdAge, you are LUCKY that it is 5:09 PM because i swear a RANT will come from me one day, misters who say girls are more privileged now than men. my ARSE. PS >> great way to defend your point, as in, not at all. defensive much?]

i'm not saying that makes it alright, but what i am saying is, advertising is becoming an equal-opportunity offender just as we all become more and more sensitive.

my serious questions to you all:
are we getting too sensitive the more we are hyper-targeted?
whatever happened to desensitization through the media, or does that not apply here?

...man, i do talk a lot about the "humanizing" of gender lately, don't i.

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Anonymous said...

Because everyone is now hyper-targeted they are now much more focused on their particular mini-group...and they see other mini-groups getting their ire up in righteous indignation at some perceived wrong, think that it looks fun (how often can you get your ire up these days, right?) and want to keep up with the Joneses.

The "I'm offended set" is a full-on industry these days.

And yes, I have had an ad pulled because of crazy consumers.