remorse & excitement about the state of creative

speaking of how i love my work....
Is it Time to Phase Out the Creative Function? via AdWeek.

answer: i hope not.

don't get me wrong. i am really excited about the internet. i am really excited about interactive. i love people. i LOVE people. putting art and words and business and people all together? making people more important--and the ads they see more relevant--than ever before? communicating and making real contact? THAT IS EXCITING.

it's exciting to have consumers participate in the creative. it's exciting to involve programmers and philanthropists and sociologists and ethnographers. you may not believe me, but i really am excited to be young and in this field. i think there's a lot of promise, a lot of hope, and a lot of authenticity that can be brought to it.

BUT! i am also remorseful.

when i decided to become a creative, i was sold on that method.
i WANT to be "the other half" of my creative partner. i want (i know, scoff and laugh, i'm young) those late night office hour sessions with coffee and pizza and tearing out of the hear and the brainstorming boards and the BIG IDEA that's wicked right now but in the a.m. will likely need a bit of finessing. I WANT INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATION that isn't only online.

i want that experience.

i feel like i'll miss out on it.
can't i have both? why are we forgoing one for the other?
creative can't really phase out. ....please?

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