huge... tracks of land. yeah.

can i get another "duh" and "i was right" in this corner? kthanx.

adrants picked up a piece on SocialVibe which--guess what? makes social networking ads more relevant by appealing to peoples' ACTUAL interests.

effin' novel, i tell you. bloody hell. finally. "huge tracks of land" aside, awesome way to advertise, and even better that it's linked to charities. that gets a huge KUDOS from Riot. in fact, i'm going to go implement it. so there.

next step? have user-chosen ads REPLACE non-chosen ad placement on user-interfaced social media sites like Facebook, Myspace.


John said...

"next step? have user-chosen ads REPLACE non-chosen ad placement on user-interfaced social media sites like Facebook, Myspace."

That's brilliant. Sad to say it but I would click through to find ads there were acceptable and ones that I would want to see.

the girl Riot said...

exactly! it gets the message out to more people by offering relevant, interactive choices. even though i am a devout lover of TWLOHA, i now know most of the charities SocialVibe offers, even if i didn't select them.

i also know which sponsors are there, even if i didn't select them, just from one go around. i could recall at least 5-8. and that's something.

plus, advertising just means more when it... literally means more. if you know i selected this advertisement, that means it tells you more about me and what i support.

since social nets are all about connecting and learning about one another's "updates," this seems a natural, useful progression. thank you for your feedback! :)

Michael Olsen Craig said...

Discovered your site recently, and this post is brilliant in the "pointing out the white elephant in the middle of the room" category.

We are so meticulous about what we choose to place in our content, it makes perfect sense to allow the publishers to choose and even help design (or at least "skin") the ads on their sites.

If you have to throw around the fact that you can guess the best ad content to deliver, just turn it into a tool in helping publishers select the right ads for their audience. Surrender control.

Just think about it as accessorizing!

Advertisers: All you base are belong to us!!!

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