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link haze!

Tyler Durden's 8 Rules of Innovation. seriously brilliant & fun way of saying the usual stuff. i love Brian Clark for writing this. give it a read, even if you have no idea what Fight Club is. and if you do, well, you shouldn't be talking about it. and if you're on that kick, seriously, check out this awesome Fight Club kinetic typography. here and here.

when will hair care people get it through their heads. WASHING MY HAIR does NOT give me--and i doubt any other women--orgasms. not Herbal Essences, not VO5. so just stop already. i want to know what moron thought that picking it up for VO5 would somehow make it more true. or is THAT why you guys thinking we take forever in the shower?!

also, 4 cheerleaders just taught me, courtesy of HungryMan, that "fuck" stands for "fornicate under consent of the king." i did not know this. but you can know this. [turns out i'm not stupider than marketing cheerleaders. it's not true. see comments.] check out the cheerleaders' series, i'm referring to the ep called "f**k." verdict still out on the campaign, though. i mean, it works for men, and that's the target, so i guess it's good? hat tip to adrants.

apparently, in the election, it all comes down to Halloween masks, ever since Reagan. the tricky thing this time around? of course, as usual, it's all about Palin. how-to costumes are popping up all over the internet, with tips galore. don't forget the gun, the baby, and of course, the glasses. UPDATE! "The GOP tells her what to say... now you can too!" -- pa.lindro.me speech creator.


M.Tartag said...

Hey missy. No perpetuating incorrect knowledge. mkay?


You can also refer to the documentary of the word:


the girl Riot™ said...

oh liss! thanks for the correction. will edit tomorrow. i should have known better--from when someone told me that golf stood for "gentlemen only ladies forbidden" but that was wrong, too.

imagine all the fun if they were actually true. =/ haha. <3


TheDesignDiva said...

in reference to this:
"i want to know what moron thought that picking it up [shower orgasms] for VO5 would somehow make it more true. or is THAT why you guys think we take forever in the shower?!"

no, honey, they think that because that's why THEY take so long in the shower!!

CJB said...

Worse than Halloween masks, it looks like the election comes down to Missouri - http://tinyurl.com/3ksqgs

God help us.