thou shalt give me a panda.

or, an alternate title: Facebook, not nearly enough glitter.

this seems like a Facebook week, clearly, between the threat of impending homogenization of our wall/feeds and the inability to control the fact that they will now be indexed with Google. so, because i'm in such a PEACHY mood*, i will offer up this funny about the social network deity:

The 10 Commandments of Facebook.

it's actually really funny and worth the read. i enjoy:
4. Thou Shalt Not Use A Wall As A Private Messaging Function
6. Thou Shalt Not Use Stupid Apps
[aka, "How do I know which fart app is right for me?"]
7. Thou Shalt Not Give “Gifts”
[aka, "What does all of this crap have in common? I don't want any of it. (Except that Chinese paper lantern. That looks nice.)"]
If you want to give me a “gift” of some kind - like a butterfly, a pink striped thong, or an adorable panda - give it to me in real life.
Yes, you heard me: give me a panda in real life.

as soon as the ad world offers me something more interesting to comment on, i will stop talking about Facebook. promise. want to change it? send me a tip. i'm tired of Facebook, too. but with everyone talking about either Seinfeld/Gates or Sarah Palin... well, i try not eat the low hanging fruit unless i have a gift from the tree of Wisdom.

*[in other news: i'm in a good mood because i passed my road test! don't hate. i never needed a license before, due to NYC public transport, college campus smallness, and generous high school friends. this is a big accomplishment for me, and i'm really happy. one thing to check off my 43 things list. i suppose i can add 'extend list to 43' while i'm at it.]

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Congrats on the road test.