bloodsucking a dead horse

no lies here. the True Blood campaign has been freaking awesome. props to Campfire.

but after all the ramp-up excitement, i'm sad to say that marketing can't do everything (though it can help to make it seem really cool). i watched the premiere last night. and hated every minute. anyone want to argue? i'd love to find some merit. especially because i really, really WANTED to like it. i did.

between the wicked campaign and the fact that i've been digesting vamp novels since i was a tween [LJ Smith, Laurell K Hamilton, Anne Rice, etc], i thought that this show might have a different spin or something new to offer the age old vampire conversation. should have known better.

if it's not a girl torn between a werewolf and a vampire,
it's a girl in love with a vampire, who becomes one.


and here i thought i was going to get some modern interpretation, something about the sociological repercussions of vampirism, the involvement of the TruBlood drink, i don't know, something BIGGER or MORE INTERESTING than the first episode implies. plus, the writing was actually quite bad. oh, and if i have to stare at the gap between Paquin's teeth any longer, i may put out my own eyes. because i know that no one has dental in the south. clearly.

didn't watch it? here's an abbreviation:
vampire porn. two people talking. vampire porn. some violence. four people talking. vampire porn. a bit more violence. and no, it didn't close with vampire porn, but that's just a small favour. but thanks for the shock value, HBO, i know i appreciate it.


Ad Kid said...

i didn't catch it, but the campaign for it has been really good.

i'll try to find it online later and give my thoughts.

the girl Riot™ said...

ok! looking forward to it :)