twitter: 'you may as well not have existed.'

thx @awolk (also here).

i'm not sure what the meta-message should be here. apparently people are highly dedicated to twitter, but we knew that already. i particularly enjoy the third verse, where it moves to make fun of twitter users in a tongue-in-cheek way, because though we're "refined" we still have to "validate each other" in our insecurities and talk about new gadgets. maybe that's because i'm a cynic like that, haha.

if anything, this kind of points out that we're still in an echo chamber. the geeks (hand raise) that will sit there and make or watch this kind of video, find it funny (because we have awesome senses of humour), blog it (raise hand), tweet it, etc, are those folks who're sitting on twitter doing exactly those things: talking about gadgets, social media, and everyone who isn't yet on twitter but should be.

[so if you're not... get on that?]

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