PETA panties not in a twist

talk about shitty vetting, especially considering PETA hasn't shied away from making political references: PETA's new nude ad sports Aya Sugimoto, a Japanese singer/actress/erotic novel author.

problem? she still sports leather because "leather production is different from fur production."

this sort of thing just further goes to show that the I'd Rather Go Naked campaign is really on its way out. i just don't think it's authentic to PETA any more. the shock value has worn off and it's become yet another mildly-safe-for-work-ad where folks can look at ladybits in the name of some cause, when it won't actually get folks to stop buying fur (or leather).

i think if they moved more in a direction akin to the "political" ad--that is, something that's intriguing, humourous, yet somehow informative, that would be a better solution. it's like Supersize Me. you can tell folks for ever and ever that fast food isn't good for you. but if you show the video, if you make them understand in an image, that impact is more profound than any celeb "star power" you can throw at me.

then again, i have an intellect over that of a horny 13 year old.

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