somethin' about the way garyvee says douchebag

...just makes me feel all aflutter inside.

i found this via @TDefren's new post. in this video, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about passion and patience.

which is funny, considering both have the same Latin root, pati, meaning "to suffer." [HOL reference for you there, kids <3]

which is to say, garyvee [it just rolls so nicely, i have to type it like that] believes that if you don't like what you do--not even a little--STOP. just STOP. and do SOMETHING ELSE. even if that thing is smurfs. me, i don't buy into the monetization of a smurf blog, but hell, i believe him, and his Pinot Grigio Hour. that's where the passion comes in. life is too short to be doing something you hate. yadda yadda motivational speech.

[hey does it sound like that stuff your generation sold my generation and now you want to take it back because we all think we're genuinely entitled to that Pursuit of Happiness? i thought so--but there's a catch.]

yeah, that patience thing, which has to do with that suffering thing i mentioned earlier. "how do i monetize my new Smurf Empire?" you may ask, and he answers: by doing some serious damage between the hours of 7pm and 2am, before you pass out, go to work, take an hour break to "kiss the dog," and do it all over again. so that you still have to go to work. to make the money. to do serious damage. to make your new Empire.

i'm not at all belittling garyvee's view. i think it's powerful, poignant, and necessary. its passion is inspiring and the message is spot-on. but i've also heard it before.

i think that, reading between the lines, it's also a message that requires you to keep that passion when you're up until 2am working on the new Empire, have barely seen family or friends, and still aren't so keen on the job you're spending 8-10 hours of daylight on. the message is to feel like he does on that stage, only every morning. and i think that's the hardest part. not just saying "I Quit!" as Audience Man #1 did, but sticking out the suck for the better ahead.

not the interest, not the late night Empire, and not the years of development.
but keeping the passion, and acquiring the patience, through those times of suffering.


SixStringRambler said...

Damn, was posting a comment to this and blogger lost it:

to sum up, this is an excellent post if anything based upon the truth of it. We're trying to 'build our empire' a piece at a time. Granted I work a day job I honestly don't like, but it serves a purpose:

Provides enough of an income to not just pay bills, but has built our studio, financed mass production of our first album, gave enough cash flow to begin marketing and promoting it (just google 'dna project top secret')

This is all done in our 7pm - 2am (or even 4! lol) and its not the easiest path for sure. But its our passion and love for what we do in music, and the patience in knowing we have something different and will eventually get to a spot where we can concentrate on music full time.

All the while, that 7pm empire building is still a blast!

Great post, if you have any interest in checking us out feel free, myspace.com/dnamusicproject

either way, this was a refreshing read,


the girl Riot™ said...


thank you for your comment! i appreciate it. i think you followed me on twitter :) i will check out your myspace. thanks for stopping by--and yeah, 4 am is always a good time. haha.