"rampant like herpes. for positive."

nice job declareyourself. via socialvibe.

i think the beginning shock value offers enough to keep a younger viewer watching/listening, but after the first two minutes of more and more people telling me not to vote, i may just turn it off before it even gets to the payoff. clever idea, but a bit lengthy. could have survived with slightly less celeb face time by about half. especially since some repeat, even in the "vote if..." section. me personally, i don't need Hollywood telling me to vote, but i've always been politically active. i think this may do well at speaking to the 'newly unregistered 'voter, that is 18-20 types who haven't yet had a big reason to vote, who are still swayed by pop when nothing else will. if, that is, the spot can get past the ADD factor.


M.Tartag said...

It's cute. I feel a little too cute to be effective. But, eh.

the girl Riot™ said...

i was leaning more toward unnecessarily long as a flaw, but touche.

Matt Hames said...

On the heels of so many "get out and vote" messages, this one does get your attention. Could have been shorter, but then you have to a cut a celebrity who gave their time for free and piss them off and never get to shoot free celebs again.

The client made me keep it long!