who said advertising was creative?

on a non-Facebook related note, things over here are just silly.

how about a riddle? what's the difference between a pit bull--oh, you've heard that one already. okay. how about what's the difference between a production company and an agency?

...yeah, i don't know either.

i think one's supposed to be smarter or something, or some word like strategic, maybe, but that's another s-word and i may be confused. i do have to say life's been so much easier now that i don't have to think. i just receive... and resend...

it's like a that nightmare where you realize your target market and your client are one in the same. and then you wake up and realize it wasn't a nightmare. and it happens every day.

but i do have quite a lovely little well of creative ideas that will never be used. i like to admire it from across the hall, even stare at it longingly. my CD and i are in mourning.

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