make (out) face time.

okay, you win. you found me out. secretly, i'm an optimist parading as a realist. and these ads totally appeal to me. that's right, i said it. i love the new Dentyne ads.

do i chew Dentyne? no.
will i switch to Dentyne? no.
do i like Orbit's advertising? no.

well, you can't win them all. i get the strategy: you're gonna need wonderfully fresh breath to get that close "face time" with anyone, be it a whisper or a kiss. and you know what? they're right. i always carry a pack of gum with me. always.

(in fact, it used to be Dentyne. i can't tell you what changed, but now i only buy Orbit. how's that for advertising i hate. i could really do without the Orbit lady. the only one i ever liked was when Orbit "cleaned up a dirty mouth" and the couple was fighting; one called the other a "lint licker." anyway. i'm sure to switch it must have been a friend recommendation.)

way to know your target market. i wonder if post-30 chew anywhere near as much gum as 10-25. anyone have stats for me? plus, the relevancy is easy to relate to, especially when so many of us manage real-life interactions online (even if it's to arrange a face meetup). the push to Get Off the Internet is nostalgic (for my gen, anyway!) and cute. it definitely speaks to me, in the same way that Unplug Your Friends functioned.


eso said...

This is an article from the NY Times about it, but it just says that under 20 is the largest gum market...

i like the campaign too but i chew trident and hate all orbit commercials except for the 'lint licker' one.

MHB said...