mta error in penn station; or, graphic design fail.

how many times have you New Yorkers seen that sign standing in front of the train board in Penn Station, waiting for your track to show? how many of you have actually thought about it?

we studied it for a good twenty minutes yesterday. this is what my family has arrived at as some of the possible meanings:

"are you a boy? girl? ...umbrella?"
"can you please tell me the sex of this umbrella?"
"maybe this umbrella will help you."
"might you need an umbrella?"
"bathrooms and umbrellas possibly this way."
"ask question, receive umbrella."

we wound up asking the train conductor, who told us what the sign was actually for. i'll enlighten you tomorrow. please comment with your own creative musings. i look forward to your umbrellas.


John Carson said...

"Is that an umbrella in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

The Tag Line said...

lost and found?

If that's the answer I believe it is a perfectly good sign.

the girl Riot™ said...

@john - hahaha! nice.

@liss - it is the answer. we polled people. no one except the conductor had any clue what it meant. then again. you are more clever than i. and half of penn, i'd wager.

TheDesignDiva said...

would you like a glove with that unbrell?