if you like Gaping Void...

in honor of my taking my younger brother to AnimeFest tomorrow looking like this, i am showering you with gifts of cartoons. [settle down, anime kids, i know anime is not manga is not cartoon, but, that's about as much as i know about anime.]

if you like cartoons drawn on the back of business cards, you may also enjoy toothpaste for dinner, which was passed on to me by my wicked awesome boss. and it that's not enough cartoon for one day, i want to tell you about My Adnormal Life, which is this really awesome project.

no really. click to see funnies on :15 spots and how clients deal with creative thought.


A.E. QuiƱones said...

Guess what lil' copywriter? I want to know more about you. Hi, I'm Anibal, the creator of My Adnormal Life. I just wanted to thank you for sharing my project with your viewers. I would really enjoy chatting with ya. You can find me in MSN Messenger: quinonesanibal@hotmail.com. I also hace ichat. Just write a few lines and hopefully we can share thoughts on the crazyness that pays our "habichuelas".

Hope to hear from you soon,


Cialis Online said...

Animefest are so cool, love the anime movies, specially Ninja Scroll.