friday... zombies?

i am #suspending "friday felines" for today in honour of developments in the subculture of zombies. as you know from previous distractions, humans have an uncanny interest in zombies. so i give you the above, Zombies in Plain English. why, might you ask? BECAUSE if you are in NYC this weekend, you will be in GRAVE DANGER. there is going to be a zombie takeover. if you plan on being dead, you can surely take part. so get on that. or at least have a zombie movie marathon.

[want more zombies? see previous, zombie, posts.]


M.Tartag said...

no suspension of friday feline. Make melsa sad.

M.Tartag said...

whaddya think of profilactic? better or worse than zoolit? I think better.

the girl Riot™ said...

they be back next friday. promise.

and i think i prefer zoolit--i like profilactic's badge, but i dislike that i have to have an RSS feed to show a profile. however. this is only after exploring for five mins. will continue experiment.