imaginary twitter dates

i've been pondering for a few weeks what i would do if i could meet people from twitter--namely, according to their personal brands. ie. who do i feel i "know" well enough that i think we could hang out? and what would we do? and for a friday post, i thought it was suitably fluffy while remaining somehow relevant, so kudos to that.

this is not comprehensive, only cos i if i did all my followers whom i'd actually like to meet and do stuff with, i'd have to dedicate my whole day to this blog post. and you know... i have work to do (lame) and clients that need to annoy me (lamer). i do love everyone in my feed <3 you make my days far more interesting.

what would you want to do with me? which of these parties would you want in on? ;)


i would go to a concert with @truejerseygirl, @brooklynbee, and @irockiroll. we would rock out. probably laugh a lot. and maybe bake cupcakes. so we could eat them at the after party we would also rock out at. i'd bring @reverieapparel.

i would go to a fancy restaurant with @avflox and @abartelby, preferably together, so we can be posh and stylish and fierce at the same time as analyzing harshly the content of most of society. i'd bring @mtartag. knowing us, we'd probably go to a drag show or a strip club after, hahaha.

i would go to the movies with @garretohm, @srcasm, @strawberrycough - definitely a comedy. we have a weird online relationships (in a positive way) and i think they'd be the guys i'd watch Zack & Miri Make a Porno with, or whatever cult film Wes Anderson is thinking up next.

i would go to a carnival with @mtlb and @darrylohrt--oh oh and bring @sarachamp and @iRJ and @matthunsberger, too. fuck it. bring the whole crew of Plaid. we will ride roller coasters, do those spinny things that make us puke, and eat cotton candy while whacking the heads of moles. maybe face paint. i'm thinking Six Flags.

i would go to a poetry slam with @faris, @bradkay, @badbanana, @gregverdino, @servantofchaos. and by poetry slam i also mean comedy club. and by comedy club i also mean social media/marketing/advertising conference. there's performance art in all of it and i think the commentary would be wicked awesome.

i would get drinks with @griner, @dailybiz, @dearjanesample, @americopywriter, @johnny_bones. there would be lots of drinking games and lots of snark. i support all of it. and yes, i will drink half of you under the table. i'll teach you the Toast Game.

i would get coffee with @tokyohanna, @adbroad, @adelemcalear, @overthinker, @leighhouse, @eve11. i see us in downtown manhattan at night. all the lights and the buzz. and the space for philosophy. i feel like i could have deep conversations with you ladies.

i would do extreme sports with @bmorrissey, @awolk, @ischafer. because you can't tell me it wouldn't be way too much fun to jump out of a plane with these guys. something about their intellect meets zero gravity meets pushing comfort zones just makes this have A+ written all over it.


darryl ohrt said...

OMG, I can't believe this post. Mostly because this is the conversation that we have at our office every other day.

And mostly because we want to have a big Twitter party and invite only our Twitter friends from across the globe. Only - they're all slightly different, and probably wouldn't get along together.

So you have the optimum solution. A different event for every group of Twitter friends.

Six Flags is waiting....

Atherton Bartelby said...

OMG I totes love this post and all of the mini-soirées! You realize that I am plagiarizing this idea and posting my own list, right? And, like, I don't even like memes.

Fabulous idea, though, and also great to see what kinds of activities you chose for each Twitter friend. Like, the fancy restaurant is perfect, but I also wouldn't mind joining you and the fabulous Plaid folk at Six Flags!

Or, hey, skydiving, even! ;-)

Brava, my dear; fabulous post!

Bradjward said...

Saw this post via @darrylohrt. I had lunch today with @gotshoo and @cwestlake, whom I had never met before, as well as @jeremywilburn and @sstine2. It was pretty awesome to drive 3 hours and sit with 4 people I feel like I've known forever :)

the girl Riot™ said...

@darryl -- 6 Flags is still open, isn't it? may be better to plan for opening next year... but definitely something we should do!

@atherton -- plagiarize away <3 between our Cancer convos and our OCD tendencies with #s, i owe you that much.

@brad -- that's such an awesome story! thanks for stopping by and sharing it with me :)

David Griner said...

Man, I'd be the featherweight of that pub crawl.

True Jersey Girl said...

We would SO rock out, it wouldnt even be funny. But I dont bake...so can I just make some jello shots instead?

M.Tartag said...

Thank you for still giving me my nightlife points even though I may be permanently retired.

AV Flox said...

That is fabulous. Especially the stripping for dessert! Of course we could do both simultaneously and enjoy a nyotaimori.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

What a great post. Honored to be included. Happy to meet for a latte anytime. My tweet.

Gavin Heaton said...

That is a great post! We would have a rockin' time at a poetry slam with Faris, Greg, Tim and Brad. No suit wearing this time though, Verdino ;)

Johanna said...

MmMMmmMmmM, coffeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

I need to reply to you more often, because I kind of want to be on this awesome list. -writingdirty

Erin Lamberty said...

you wouldn't want to get in on an mmkthxbai.com party?! ...ok, understandable :)

the girl Riot™ said...

@griner -- haha, who do you think would be my biggest competition?

@jersey -- i’m down for jello shots. a big fan of that, actually. there are a lot of shows coming up! ...i’m actually listening to your blip.fm as we speak.

@lissa -- iwillnotgiveup.

@avflox -- hey, if you know where to get it...

@adbroad, @johanna -- aw :) yay!

@gavin -- actually it’d be funny if we all wore suits. cos none of us do. wow, would we be uncomfortable. admafia ftw?

@jack -- get on that ;) looking forward to it.

@erin -- actually, i love mmkthxbai.com--photoshoot much?

Tim Siedell said...

I'm in.

Make the logo bigger said...

I see us at a clown funeral.