friday felines: Simon's Cat

some of you have known the wonder of Simon's Cat when the "cat wake up call" -- titled Cat Man Do -- swept the internets with something akin to viral wonder. (there's that word again.) in case you missed that vid, click here.

but here's another installment, equally funny, i'd argue, and anyone who's had a cat and tried to watch TV at the same time is sure to sympathize. me, it happens with House and Heroes. PS who is SO EXCITED to finally meet Peter/Nathan/Gabriel's DADDY?! mwuahahahaha. i am so stoked. anyway. here's the cat vid.

in other news, it's a friday and i have a lot of work to do. LAME. so this will be my only post for the day. i promise further snark on tuesday. since i'll be off and at a Rise Against (!!!) concert on monday.

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M.Tartag said...

It's like me in cat form. Annoying the hell out of everyone with my incessant meows.