how agencies are surviving zombie takeovers.

working in advertising, as jane points out, often requires the master of an escape plan.

i agree. keeping your heard above water requires focus undoubted on something larger than the agency to which oneself belongs. while jane recommends Fox news, i think that including the ironic humour that is a staple of the creative aspect of the industry is mandatory. vampires, werewolves, and Iron Man are more pending 2.0 threats than anything Fox news can come up with.

no, you need a zombie plan.
at least 37 or so.

as it happens, zombies are everywhere lately. no, not in the cubicle next to you--though perhaps.
with the assistance of twitter, we learned that an escape plan is no longer good enough. case in point: kensingtonvictoria.com. i particularly enjoy the supersoaker technique.

my at-work zombie plan involves rifling through my Big Dictionary of Death whereafter i learn not only are zombies technically undead, but they do not flinch at big words like antepenultimate. the next resource would be the grab the nearest Windows PC and throw it in hopes of having the zombie contract any number of viruses and trojans.

in the event that those means only aid in an enhanced zombie virus and the desire to copulate without birth, i will splash the great killer of ideas all over the zombies: burnt coffee. running henceforth from my agency, i will run wildly into the street, discovering it looks like an atom bomb hit. reaching for anything sharp, i will run with scissors to the autobody shop is just 2 stores down. a crowbar is my friend.

by that time, all of these posters will undoubtedly be on every telephone pole.

...and that is my zombie plan.
only 36 more to go.


TheDesignDiva said...

i immediately printed out ten poster-sized copies of the 'how to kill a zombie' informational pdf AND have posted it throughout our entire floor of offices. always good to be ready...

Anonymous said...

I'm making my way over to the nearest oil rig
and living my days out there.

Riot have you read the book "World War Z"? It was written by the same author who did the Zombie Survival Guide and it is a great book. A bit too realistic, but a great read. I was paranoid for a good 2 weeks after reading it about zombies.

the girl Riot™ said...

@designdiva -- great stuff! at least your office will be prepared.

@jane -- no. i need a new read though, i'll have to pick it up. zombies mainly amuse me, so it'll be a nice rush. ;)