good, bad, ugly: all hail the pumpkin king

other places to be! Halloween link haze, loves.

+ Joshua Hoffine's Horror Photography -- badass. take the look. i love the wolf one and the clown one... least fave is probably baby with spider or hands under the bed.
+ Swedish Dawn-till-Dusk Ads -- i like the split effect; freakin' sweet. almost makes you want to turn into something at nightfall. almost.

+ 4 Real-Life Things That are Creepier Than Halloween -- arguable. i actually don't find most of this creepy, except maybe that last bit, about the cat feces.
+ Online Pumpkin Carving -- tricky, like most .swf type "fun." you just wish you could make one puke like this (photo courtesy coworker, Steve).

+ WTFCostumes -- dot com, of course. but omfg is that doesn't house some of the worst costume ideas ever... i don't know where does.


M.Tartag said...

Re:the bad

1)I think the idea of the body farm is wonderful. Thanks for letting me know. 2)The graves should be maintained, why is that creepy. 3)T.gondii can cross the BBB and is one of the organisms possibly associated with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia even though a large chunk of the population is positive. The person writing that should get a better grasp on his/her science.

the girl Riot™ said...

@mtartag -- yeah. i didn't really find any of it creepy. but that's why it's filed under 'the bad.' heh. i think the body farm is actually pretty cool.

shaun. said...

great pictures from Josh. great find.