a new habit. distracting you.

alright, so it seems in addition to Friday Felines, i offer links worthy of friday distraction. i can do that. i'm often distracting--and distracted.

in the theme of zombies, you can now find out how long you would last trapped in your own home. or office. or cubicle. or where ever you call home. i'm a little disturbed that they account for pets, but hey. i can survive 87 days. however, i would only feed 10 zombies. you say tomato, i say cannibal. both are some form of human eating me. state of death isn't vital.

on to felines!
let's start with different interpretations of zombie cats.
inspirational zombie cat. postcard zombie cat. zombie lolcat. and my personal favourite zombie lolcat here.

got a zombie cat picture? send it my way. in the meanwhile, i'm going to continue doing actual work, and post something of relative substance later.

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TheDesignDiva said...

lucky for you, we would survive 152 days!