sad mac & charity follow-up

intense apologies on my end for infrequent posting this week. as i'd mentioned, my mac showed me the sad face of death and totally kicked it a few days back. i'm finally getting the new machine set up, so i'm going to go ahead with "friday posts" and save the lengthy one for monday.

i want to follow-up Blog Action Day with a few items. primarily, this really stellar thing @AmandaMooney has arranged through Twitter. it calls on us to donate money every friday--just the price of a morning latte, or whatever you have to spare, even a buck--to a designated cause. the idea is simple: if we spread the word between followers, it's easy to donate $500--1,000 to a cause each friday if we each only gave just $1.

you can learn more about it here. you can also DM Amanda a cause you'd like featured on a friday; she will be posting causes in the order in which they were received. i already cast my vote for To Write Love On Her Arms, as most of you know that's my pet charity.

TODAY IS FOR BREAST CANCER at the suggestion of @ValeriaL. so go ahead, toss in $1 or two and then drop Amanda a DM to let her know that you participated.

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