tech geeks and halloween

it's never too early to prep for halloween!

this year, i'm the Mad Hatter. last year i was Jessica Rabbit; before then, Helena from MCR [i don't even like MCR].
what have been your past costumes?

and if you're stuck, here are some ideas, haha:

-dress your baby like an iPod.
-paint yourself black and walk around with said baby
-or be trendy! do that with a fake baby.
-t shirt reading "404 costume not found"
-team up! there's mouse, computer chip, and keyboard.
-a P2P pirate with logo of choice on the chest.
-any character from the Alltel commercials
-as any variant of the lolcat and pantheon
-the badger from badgerbadgerbadger

i will add more as i think of them. what are you, or members of your fam, going as?


Midwest Gal said...

This year, painting a black eye and walking around with a "P" on my chest........Black-eyed pea!

Last year, my boyfriend wore the letter "E" on his chest and I wore a strings of paper clips.....Email and attachment!

I'm a copywriter by day...so it's natural it would follow me into the night.

the girl Riot™ said...

hahaha, that's awesome :)

M.Tartag said...

human lolcat. i think i might make a shirt too.

Maia said...

Fantastic ideas for Halloween costumes..!