commercials switched at birth

view each of these. draw your own conclusions. my snark after the vids.

okay. first thing's first.
1 -- OMFG people leaning over me are CREEPY. and who says my questions take the form of a British wannabe nanny? or a cab driver? or any other of the bizarre personifications they give to my "questions."
2 -- why is "ask.com" in its multiple incarnations asking questions for me? shouldn't i be asking the questions? and those creepy people be answering them for me? i don't want to associate myself with creepy people unless they're being helpful. especially if i'm carrying those folks on my back. that's right, i'm self-serving, and so are you.
3 -- if anything, as the commercials currently stand, i should be asking questions of ask.com (since they're pushing that they know all kinds of random shit), and the G1 should be supplying me with answers (as that's the G1's unique benefit they're pushing).

creative teams, please switch executions. kthanxbai.


Kyle Studstill said...

right. the ask spot was way out of context for me, spent way too long trying to figure out:

1. why she was not only over his shoulder (yeah. creepy.) but practically using him as the only way to support her overly massive weight

2. why she was so humongous to begin with. is she his guilty conscience or something?

3. seriously wtf is going here? is he a guy in a girls football lineup? i'm not even paying attention to the questions anymore.

and as for the G1/T-mobile. you can always spot T-mobile by the cheesy "hey! check out whatever i'm shoving into your face" psudeo-rock upbeat background track. or is that Verizon? eh to hell with it, wireless providers are all so boringly similar here in the states, so...who knows.

M.Tartag said...

WARNING:Non adver opinion coming

Anyway.1) You're the 2millioneth person to be "wtf" about the ask.com ad. Fat lady's purpose served. Sure the ad doesn't make any sense. And fat people generally don't create an image people want to be associated with. But still it has everyone saying "wtf" and talking to each other about Ask.com even if it is only about their poor marketing.

2) I like the G1 ad. I see no flaws with it. The implication is there that you will receive an answer to all these inane questions. That's why they're so inane in the first place. Thematically it's like [here are all your inane questions] whatever will you do with them [here is T-mobile G1 with the answer] Ensue marveling...tada!

the girl Riot™ said...

@mtartag, i don't care if i'm the 48957456th person to agree that something is creepy because it's fucking creepy and i'm not using ask.com; in fact, i think less of it than when it involved Jeeves.

that being said. the fat lady has nothing to do with this. it was the only one of the new campaign i could find on youtube. as i mentioned, there are a number of other equally bizarre personifications. i have nothin' but love for large British women.