friday felines: wigs for your cat. srsly.

and you thought i was kidding. nope, it's for real: Kitty Wigs, which come in Pink Passion, Bashful Blonde, Silver Fox, and Electric Blue for $50 a pop plus S&H.

a small price to pay to harass your cat for hours trying to get him or her to actually wear it. KW doesn't promise your cat will tolerate the wig--or you. check out the FAQ. i think my cat is a Pink Passion sort of lady.

where are the male cat wigs, hmm? i need Ken style. and maybe an afro. i do think perhaps my cat would best be personified with a Lenny Kravitz-esque do.

if you should want to all out dress up your cat, i suggest going to this site, after learning to read Japanese. and if you can read Japanese, then be sure to order in advance.

not enough cat costume fun for one day? check out these embarrassing shots. cat frog. pumpkin cat. pig cat (not to be confused with manbearpig). more? try the flickr group or the costume cat blog.


M.Tartag said...

socks in a wig? please? next friday's felines? Socks in a wig!?!?!?!?!? ::pleading face::

shaun. said...

i hate cats...but i would buy am afro kitten wig. i swear.