...twitter sex? ohNO.

today's funny after five is a set of three... cheers!

Adhack searches out the meaning of life. just kidding. he's looking for answers to even more impossible questions, like, where do clients come from? i mean, i assume he doesn't want the stork answer.

twitter etiquette -- the best version i've found yet. pass it on.
...If it could get you fired, be used against you in court, or impede your ability to get laid, be-still your typing thumbs.
...If you think texting your ex is embarrassing the next morning, try texting all of them.

and lastly, proof that politics is all relative.
the problem with Georgia (no, not that one!).


Michael Olsen Craig said...

Your third link: Ouch!

the girl Riot™ said...

i knowwwwww! i fell out of my chair. hypothetically.