i just threw away 8 bucks.

and i'm hella pissed about it.

see, i came in really early to work today due to circumstances of my life and the inane scheduling of the LIRR trains. so to kill an hour and inject caffeine (which i normally don't do...) i figured i'd sacrifice my better judgment and head on in to Starfucks.

also against my better judgment, i decided to get a coffee derivative. usually i forgo all such nonsense in favour of the blended lemonade with raspberry (which is the only Starfucks thing i'm currently not cranky about), but i figured, of all mornings, today was a mocha frapp morning.

i had memories of high school. when they used to be good.
or when i was stupid enough to think so.

for real. do they burn everything? even cold stuff? i don't get it. I JUST THREW OUT a frapp. that's right. i couldn't even swallow it. i tried. i had a moral dilemma past FOUR trash cans. it was so expensive to throw out. but i could not. could not drink it. strike two?

those fruit platter bullshits. strawberry kiwi mango. the kiwi was weird, the strawberries were glazed with i have no fucking idea what, and the mango wasn't even ripe (read: edible). needless to say, didn't eat that either, and threw it out. oh, and the barista was a bitch and had her own deal going on.

is it too much to ask for some sensible caffeine?? clearly.
at least i'm not the only one. the sad thing? they gave me a coupon for a $2 cold drink provided i use it this afternoon. i may do it. just so i can get this godawful taste out of my mouth. how in the hell this came out of Seattle and into the rest of the world, i will never know.


Ad Kid said...

i've thrown away so many white choc mochas that i just put the actual cash in the garbage now. :(

but i still keep going back. when they do it right, i love it.

The Tag Line said...

Angry lady!

& said...

ad kid; i so know how you feel. white mochas are the only starbucks beverage i drink, and when they are un-drinkable, i feel more than a little sad inside.

to riot; i recommend you check out and enjoy "Starbucks Sucks" by Sewing With Nancy (RIP). This song features such classic and true lines like; "tastes like piss and costs big bucks / fuck you starbucks, you suck."

the girl Riot™ said...

@ am&a -- oh man, i used to listen to SwN back in high school. way to send me nostalgia. i haven't thought of them in YEARS!

@ adkid -- ugh i know. i refuse any further coffee or food products, but they've yet to fuck up a blended lemonade for me. ..yet.