gone skirtchasing.

if you're reading this, it's after 5 and i'm free; and if by skirtchasing, you mean going to New Jersey to lie on the beach, get in touch with my second favourite cat (maika, shown here), spend quality time with miss am&a of @reverieapparel, trek manhattan, and steal some much needed summer vacation time before the sun wanes.

i will not be blogging until monday because i will not be near a computer. so there. instead, i will be near, in order:

--a lot of alcohol
--loud music
--the numbers 2686

and that's just tonight. i'll let your curiousity get the best of you.
i was going to help you out by leaving you with an inspired muxtape, but we can all see how well that's going over lately. kisses! will think of you while imbibing.

in case you're curious, i will probably imbibe, at some point:
magic hat 9. blue moon. guinness black&tan. white zin. pinot noir. disaronno. soco. sambuca. ketel 1. [i'd say reyka but who knows who'll have it.] any holla backs?

i'm on my feet i'm on the floor i'm good to go.
all i need is just to hear a song i know.
i want to always feel like part of this was mine.


Ad Kid said...

have fun. sounds like you're going to have an exponentially more fun week than i am, lol.

TheDesignDiva said...

so what's the matter with Long Island beaches anyways?

& said...

New Jersey does it better.