as promised. Likkr lizenz ... DNI'D!

in this week's installment of Friday Felines, i am sending you over to the List Gods. okay, they're not really gods. they're a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than make lists with usually no more than 4-6 items on them. what kind of a list is that, i ask you? not an action list, that's for sure!

from here, Selected Minutes From Lolcat City Council Meetings:

We'z on ur lawn, fynin' ur i sor.

I can haz lodin' zone?

Stait'z in r skoolz, jerrymandrin' r diztrix!

I haz angree at skaytborderz!

We'z in ur biz, surchin' 4 bak taxz.

Y r kidz duso por on standrdiz'd testz? I blaymz skoolz!

Likkr lizenz ... DNI'D!

in truth, the funniest i've found of these lists has nothing to do with cats. and i won't get into the fact that the above list actually uses pretty shitty lolcatspeak (if an invented language can have rules--oh wait it can). what i actually mean when i say i love you: 30 scenarios. c'mon, own up: which of those have you said in subtitles? i know i'm guilty of:

-I approve of your behavior at this moment.
-I know you need assurances that I feel the same way about you.
-That is the exact CD I wanted to hear.

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