mommy, i want a pony.

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aaaamazing. found here. though, it doesn't sell me the car. it just makes me want a pony.
...or a littlest pet shop toy. or a my little pony. you get the idea.

awwwwww. ponies.
"it's likin' the mint." hahaha.


Ad Kid said...

That ad's pretty cool. Agreed, it doesn't make me want the "T&C". I don't think any amount of good advertising would make someone ache for a minivan, unless they already had an inkling to buy one.

the girl Riot™ said...

i think it may have been more successful, ironically, if they hadn't emphasized the T&C so much. you can tell they noticed because after the brief "they did it right" interlude, they had to verify that they were still talking about the pony. it was a tangent. would have been better with a touch of editing.