friday felines: winged cats, china.

found at the Daily Digresser, there seems to be a "winged cat" found in China. now, there have been pictures of winged cats throughout the centuries, and in truth, that would be pretty bad ass--even if they wound up being like penguins and can't actually fly.

but the thing is, they can't actually fly. they're not wings. there are usually three causes for these "wings" to appear: extraordinarily matted hair (think cats with dreads), genetic mutation (nubbins! stumps!), and elastic skin (think old lady chin flesh). in fact it's kinda gross to think about (at least in the case of the matted hair, which often traps feces and parasites). the site linked just before actually discusses the chinese cat. they feel it's genetic.

some times these issues develop around the rump, giving the appearance of two tails. but don't worry, @bmorrissey, the wings aren't real, and short of Hemmingway's 6-toed cats, you won't be getting a feline with thumbs, either.

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