first impressions: cartoon avs, crazy blind dates

okay, so the hair really isn't right. mine's asymmetrical and quite short. apart from that, their options pretty much helped me get the face more or less spot on. at least the eyes. i have HUGE eyes. whatever. so in case you were wanting to know where to get those avatars everyone suddenly has on twitter, this would be the place.

it's called Face Your Manga. is it a fear i have, this Manga you speak of? must i go forth and battle its dragon? either way, i'm not using it on twitter. icon loyalty ftw. shun the trends. shunnnnnnn. (name that reference!) it was fun to toy with, though. oh, and while we're on manga/anime, the result of the twitter poll of who i should go to AnimeFest as resulted in Chii. apparently i'm a robot. okay.

EDIT 08.20.08: they really are facing your manga. and they're not liking it. the backlash is immense. and funny. sometimes.

in other news, there's been an Online Dating update. and no, i'm not doing online dating, if that was your question. but when faced with zombiEharmony or Lovebitten, still-living specimens still hold more of a draw. don't give me that "oh, but they're only undead!" bullshit. i'm won't hear of it. haha. anyway. in the new line of random dating, there's CrazyBlindDate. on short notice, you get hooked up with total strangers. in public settings, like bars or coffee shops. no communication, no pictures. you show up at the appointed time and hope for the best.

is it crazy that i'm thinking of doing it just for the fun of it?
if i do, i'll blog about it. i just think it's too funny. plus, @ninanyc dared me. ;)


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ps. off the shoulder=very 80's