Enfatico... does something? really?

no, not really. they were just kidding.

as some of you know, Enfatico is the lovechild of the advertising world and Dell. unfortunately, on that hot steamy night of unrelenting passion, no one thought about the learning curve of raising said child. as a result, development of Enfatico has been slow to stunted. as pointed out by the Tribble clock and the now-defunct Enfartico parody website.

it turns out there are baby steps to be made, as released by Tribble this morning. one half jaded lover and one half awesome, Tribble gets the goods in ways i don't understand and won't question. it seems Enfatico has created a website (questionably. advised, a better word?) where you can win a signed Dell (...should i squee with excitement? i'm gonna go with a no. i don't even want a laptop signed by Jobs.) among other social insanity.

i agree with Tribble; with everyone raising emphatic Enfatico pitchforks, why has no one mentioned this site (theoretically a week or so old) in their defense? ...did they actually do something? or are we sitting like step parents at the graduation of some kid we barely know, only to find the kid didn't show?

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Adomatica said...

Thanks for the Enfartico mention.

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