badass, more badass, and badasser II

badass: i updated my blog roll to reflect what i'm actually reading, which meant saying goodbye to a few and adding on these 5: Does it Sell Stuff?; The Ad Contrarian; The Brief; The Social Path; and Dave Trott. in truth, i haven't read Dave's yet, but he comes on recommendation, so i'm starting. any others you want to bring to my attention?

more badass: courtesy of @ryanatmghwom, snap bracelets are making a come back. don't tell me you forgot about that bit of childhood goodness. only this time, they're USB enabled. ...yeah.

badasser: you thought that promoting fake blood on behalf of a new HBO show was badass (well it is). but try being even more ghettofabulous. pimp my ride, you say? close. try Pimp My Kettle. oh yeah, baby. that tricked out kettle is selling noodles all over your block.

and a parting gift, for those of us who have a slightly different definition of badass:
geeky badassness: the joker as ronald mcdonald. eat your advertising hearts out. this is the only time ronald has ever been hot.

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