funny after 5: an introduction to Palin

just in case you have no bloody idea who Sarah Palin is [cough: Alaskan governer] other than she just got the Republican Veep nomination today [ever wonder if she's as surprised as we are?--or as the other 3 male repub veep contenders?], here's a short introduction to her persona and her political experience via the lovelies on twitter:

- Sarah Palin's maiden name is Connors. (@skydaddy)
- There are 327 words in Inuit for Sarah Palin (@Dayngr)
- When a tree falls in Alaska, Sarah Palin knows EXACTLY where it is (@doctoranonymous)
- Sarah Palin tells Steve Jobs at Apple what to do. (@illuminato)
- Sarah Palin drilled there, and drilled then (@travis)
- Sarah Palin singlehandedly keeps the Alaskan vampires at bay. (@jtcalhoun)

see more meme here: little known fact. discerning eyes (the guy who started it) have catalogued some of the funnier ones at palinfacts.com

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