weekend observations: tsc, quiznos, facebook.

things i deduced this weekend:

:. TSC advertisers are morons. or perhaps just truthful.

...is that supposed to be an arrow? because its squished nature is more like a something reminiscent of calculus. sorry, but as an insurance company, do you want to advertise as "TSC less than direct"? the things i ponder on the local train... [hook, line, and sinker, tsc]
:. Quiznos is too poor for another 'm.'

...case in point: Beef Brisket. m m m m m. that's five m's, guys. update the ads or make the voiceover guy say one m less. otherwise, it's just weird. [hook, line, and sinker...]

:. things are funnier through 3rd parties.

...what's funnier than writing "i'll stop by at 2:43 am" on your friend's Facebook wall? finding a bumper sticker that says it for you! there's something about the omnipotent third party that enhances humour. it's funny if you and i think it's funny. it's ridiculously funny if someone we don't know agrees so wholeheartedly as to save us from saying it ourselves.


Dion Hughes said...

this stuff'll drive you crazy. i cannot watch tv without re-editing every single lame commercial into something better... while ignoring the fact that most of it's lame to begin with, and totally irredeemable.
now, i was never big in the mathematics dept, but isn't > the symbol for 'greater than? and < is the symbol for less than? if i have this wrong, that would explain my lousy grades and subsequent career path.

the girl Riot™ said...

hmmm. you know, that could explain why i got a B in Calculus. greater than direct still isn't very good; could also be read as direct is less than TSC. any way you slice it, even with my mathematical error (thank you!) it's pretty stupid. did you see the video circulating about the murder scene and the editor?

Dion Hughes said...

no, i missed that one. but i've been in plenty of murderous edit suites in my time.