2 spots that i actually remember

unfortunately i can't seem to locate them on youtube. if you can, pass them my way and i'll edit them into this post, <3 just comment. thx.

anyway. i've already been up front about how my memory is a sieve. blame my generation. everyone else does. something about loony tunes and too many frames per second. i don't know. regardless. i have to love--or hate--a spot a lot to be able to remember it. so here are two Mnemosyne Award Winners from this weekend, haha.

Verizon Samsung where the sleeper has his hand come alive like Thing from Addams' family. the isolationism was really well done and i enjoyed the music selected to accompany the spot. it had so much character that at first i thought it was an iPhone commercial, but then i was confused when it didn't have the same brand style. to find out it's from samsung was a surprise, albeit a good one. i think it reached a lot of heavy users in an endearing, amusing way. i sleep next to my phone. i won't lie. someone txts me at 5am, unless i'm deeply gone, i answer. ...sad? you decide.

Jack Daniels had a stand out that i noticed this weekend as well. it's a spot entirely composed of still images. not one is video footage. a really nice touch. it's an artistic rendering of photographs in a montage sort of way that was very reminiscent of a 1920s era feel with modern imagery. it closed up with what i understand is something of a new tagline, which reinforced the feel and, for me, cinched it as a nostalgic, feel-good rebellious spot: "enjoyed in fine establishments and questionable joints everywhere." now where can i get me a pool table to lie on?

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