well, i don't want to be you; why should you be?

it's the Year of Creativity, don't you know? well, i know, and so does darryl, and so does greg. clearly, there's a bandwagon. as such, it requires you to get on it. so check that shite out. after all, not only are people brands, "people are [like] ideas. new ones can change the world."

i'm for it. hell, if i can change my iPod shuffle with my eyeshadow with my hair colour daily now (and how!), i may as well change my profession daily with minimal damage to my paycheck. i may adopt a persona and write a blog post from that POV every few weeks. i have to imagine it must be interestingly verbose to write a post as an "instant intellectual." i must first ponder the consequences of such immediate gratification. "ego booster" sounds far safer provided i don't have to agree with anything important.

today i have selected Distraction Inventor.

as such, i am going to plague you with distractions both invented and prepackaged. feel free to respond with follow-ups on any of the following:

--go to the aforementioned website. pretend you're in college again and you must be educated into one of these professions. what're your top 3 hopeful jobs? what made-up major would you be paying to get a degree in? what made-up profession is most similar to your current one? (eg, ego booster E/DNE public relations? you decide.)

--tell me four things i didn't know about you that are entirely random and unlikely to define you as a person. then tell me three things that you believe are close to entirely unique to and indicative of your habits.

--write a haiku in my honour. or a sonnet. brownie points for a terza rima, but i won't ask that much. besides, i think a haiku will likely be funnier.

--distract yourself with any of the following:
> Kongregate - play craploads of games online. kill zombies or save ponies. it's all there.
> Reverie - go shopping. their sale is almost over. and that's sad.
> Bored - everything you need to relieve the ennui, though some are less inspiring than others.
> Bubble Wrap - pop your frustration away. it will always come back (the bubble wrap, and likely your frustration, too).
> Feline Fun - wrap your head around Shroedinger's Cat and learn something, too.
> Urban Prankster - because you want to do 6-story jumping jacks in NYC, too.

my job here is done.

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