it's like street fighter for your mouth.

alright... this is actually pretty funny. i'm speaking mainly because i was an avid user of Tekken. yes, i was that girl geek, and yes, i competed as Nina. i can still kick your ass. regardless. Mentos has created a street fighter-esque online game, Kiss Fight, where you can get your flirt on in three different scenarios.

as the narrator, someone with a silly name that i forget, you must seduce your date (asian girl #1, emo cheerleader of choice, and MILF), and kiss her more than she kisses you (aggressive much? it's like cat and mouse only visually twisted). you must duck to avoid her strategic blowing of kisses and jump over her head when cornered.

to get your kiss-bar all the way up to WIN (if you don't fill it, you lose, as i learned; i had more than she did, but i still lost) it helps if you get some kiss-boosting by letting the Mentos that magically drop from the sky fall on your head. you will then perform a Sims-like action causing ecstasy in your level partner and music to sound.

my only logic-complaints? i had thought in order to win you had to wait for the falling Mentos before kissing, otherwise be rejected. apparently, that's not the case. you must kiss. at every chance. and duck her attempts. even run. i'm not sure what that actually says, but some folks really enjoy it. i can definitely see her point about the "action kiss effect."

whatever, it encourages fresh breath in men (because apparently they need it more?) in a way they (and i?) can relate to (i'm such an oldschool gamer. what is this PS3 you speak of?). reasonably well made and surely entertaining, it does function as a useful tool to spike talk about Mentos. reminds me a little of that M&Ms Dark game that i loved.

[there, look! i provided distractions for two days. tipoff of Kiss Fight courtesy Michael @ Desedo]

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